Pricing starts at $350 for up to 1000 square feet, for a single treatment.
Anything over 1000 square feet is priced at an additional $.25 per square foot:

2000 square feet = $600 per treatment
3000 square feet = $850 per treatment
4000 square feet = $1,100 per treatment
and so on...

Routine service is discounted based on frequency and contract length 

3 month contract
1x per week - 30% discount
2x per month - 20% discount

1 month contract
1x per week - 15% discount
2x per month - 10% discount

Commercial Fogging

We proudly serve business of all sizes – no job is too big or small. Our innovative method and organic solution is safe in any space – restaurants, boutiques, office buildings, conference rooms, salons, gyms, spas, you name it.

Dry fogging is nontoxic, fast and leaves an invisible residue behind, so it will save you time and resources otherwise spent on cleaning. Plus, it keeps your business protected for up to 7 days after a fogging service! Our ability to fog spaces quickly, and before/after business hours, means minimal downtime for your business, and it keeps your employees and customers safe.

Safe on all surfaces including food, electronics, garments, furniture and luxury items!

Event Fogging

We are here to meet any and all event needs! Fog City Girls can disinfect the venue of your wedding, dinner party, launch event, Fashion Week presentation, family reunion, or any sort of social gathering. We will help keep you and your guests safe and feeling comfortable and confident about gathering. And it looks cool!

Contact us for hourly and event package rates.

Residential & Vehicle Fogging

Are you an Essential Worker who wants an additional level of disinfection at home? Do you have guests coming from out of town? Is there an elderly or immunocompromised member of your family? Are you bringing your newborn home? Do you drive for a ride share or delivery company? We can help with all of these scenarios!

Dry fogging creates a safe environment in all of your spaces and vehicles. The Dry fog deploys nontoxic, organic particles so small that they clean all crevices and fabrics, with no residue left behind. The fog is odorless and safe for pets and children. In addition to disinfection it helps eliminate mold and mildew – truly, a miracle solution!

Emergency bookings are available for any business impacted by a confirmed COVID-19 case on the premises.