Fog Facts

Is the fog safe?

Our solution is plant-based, Certified Organic and Non-GMO, so is nontoxic and safe for humans, pets, electronics, food, glasses, dishes, clothing and more. The material is ingestible and respirable safe - so much so that we don’t have to wear PPE when we fog (but we do anyway to keep everyone safe). We are committed to limiting damage and harm to the environment – the fog is biodegradable and is not tested on animals.

Why fog?

Fogging is an incredibly fast and safe disinfection option – the particles are so small that they can disinfect surfaces while also addressing airborne contamination. Because of their small (but mighty) size, fog particles can penetrate all small crevices, carpets, upholstery and porous surfaces.

How is it “dry?”

Our machines create particles so small that they float in the air without leaving any moisture behind. They will build humidity in a space, but no wet residue is left on items in the disinfection area. This means you don’t have to wipe anything down after, saving more time.

How does it work?

Our ultrasonic fogging machine works in tandem with our signature solution to create tiny “droplets” that fill a room in a matter of minutes. These fog droplets combine with pathogens - aka bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms - of like size, and removes them from the air.

How fast can you fog?

We can fog 10,000 square feet in less than an hour. If you do the math, this means 1,000 square feet can be done in a matter of minutes – think of the time you’ll save in cleaning! The fog will “settle” in a matter of 10-30 minutes.

How long does it last?

Studies show that our fog treatment method controls the microorganisms and pathogens on surfaces up to 7 days after fogging. This is pending foot traffic and amount of touching to surfaces – but in short, we have you covered for days.

What happens if someone comes in with COVID after we have fogged?

Because our solution continues to control the microorganisms for up to a week after fogging, you have a safety net. That said, we recommend scheduling regular fogging sessions to ensure your space is ultra clean. Our services are discounted for repeat bookings – we are here to make this easy and affordable for you!

When was this invented?

While we aren’t allowed to share too many details about the product (the first rule of Fog Club is you do not talk about Fog Club), this is not a new solution, it is just a new application and use as COVID-19 came in and wrecked things for us all. The formula has 8 years of product field application by a reputable doctor in the Infection Control arena.

What do I need to do to prep for your visit?

No matter what the job – residential, commercial, event, vehicle – leave everything out, as the fog is organic, non-toxic and leaves no noticeable residue. Open drawers on desks, open cabinets, leave glasses out, toys out of toy boxes, etc. You want everything to get the benefit of being fogged, so lay it all out!

Can I be in the room? What about my pet?

You can be in the room while we fog. Your fur buddy should go elsewhere until the room airs out in 30 minutes or less.

Safety facts:

  • Non-toxic, Non-hazardous, Non-GMO, Non-corrosive
  • Contains FDA ingredients listed as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)
  • Non-abrasive and safe on both hard and soft surfaces
  • Insured