About Fog City Girls

We are a women owned, fully organic, ultrasonic dry fogging sanitation service that quickly and safely disinfects all surfaces against COVID-19, H1N1, Flu and over 170 pathogens for up to seven days.

Pricing starts at $350.

It is non-hazardous, non-GMO and non-corrosive. The residue free, plant based formula is effective, respirable and safe to use on all surfaces, making it ideal for:

  • Retail Spaces
  • Grocery Stores
  • Banks & Pharmacies
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Offices
  • Gyms & Spas
  • Weddings & Event Spaces
  • Vehicles
  • Private Residences

Fog City Girls is founded by Alex Dickerson & Deirdre Colligan, whose backgrounds in the events and retail industries challenged them to find a way to safely navigate business in the "new normal" in the era of COVID-19. Fog City Girls brings the organic, doctor developed dry fog sanitation solution to Brooklyn and Manhattan to help businesses like theirs remain operable and sanitary for their staff, clients & customers.