The Weekly Fog City Girls COVID Report

The Weekly Fog City Girls COVID Report

It's the end of a big week in pandemic news. (A vaccine!) We know everyone is on edge both with the rise in cases and with the holidays coming up. We are all torn between wanting to see our families and wanting to stay safe and keep everyone else safe! Here is your weekly roundup of COVID news... we skim the news for the most helpful, relevant articles for the New York Area. First, a friend of mine who runs Lightening Society, a co-living community, shared this helpful infographic they developed about how to handle things should you be exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID-19, as it can certainly be confusing with the incubation period, quarantine and types of tests available (more on that soon). 

This Live Map That Shows Virus Surges is Incredibly Helpful

Coronavirus Today: This Map Shows Realtime Risk via The LA Times


Pfizer Giving Us An Early Christmas Present of a Vaccine:

Pfrizer's COVID-19 Vaccine IS More Than 90% Effective via The New York Post


Unfortunately It is Not Looking Likely We Will Actually Have the Vaccine Available Before December:

Don't Expect a Coronavirus Vaccine before December via


Not Shockingly, These Types of Locations Are Higher Risk for Spreading COVID:

Newest Study Reveals The Locations at Highest Risk of Spreading COVID-19  via The New York Post


As a Result, Bars and Restaurants to Now Close at 10PM in New York

New York to Require Bars and Restaurants to Close at 10PM  via The CBS News


Parking in NYC Continues To Get Worse Due to Outdoor Dining

NYC Street Parking Hell is Worse Than Ever Due to COVID-19 via The New York Post


Coronavirus Testing Lines Are Getting Longer Due to Seasonal Spike

8 Months After Virus Hit, an Ominous Sign: Long Lines for Testing Again for via The New York Times


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