Sweet & Clean: The Fog City Girls Guide to Trick or Treating Featuring BonBon

Sweet & Clean: The Fog City Girls Guide to Trick or Treating Featuring BonBon

The countdown to Halloween is on, so The Fog City Girls team visited our friends at BonBon, the most delicious Swedish candy shop, on the Lower East Side!

Our goal was simple: show them our (fogging) tricks and get some treats! We are happy to report success on both fronts. Not only did we disinfect BonBon with our signature organic dry fog, but we also left with armfuls of delectable sweet treats, making Head Fogger Deirdre's daughter Daphne (pictured) very happy!

The beauty of a Fog City Girls treatment is it is fast – BonBon’s eager customers don’t have to wait too long while we clean – and the solution is organic and safe on food. Not sure? Just take this adorable trick-or-treater’s word for it!  

In all seriousness, this Halloween is faced with new challenges, as the world adjusts to life in a pandemic. But that doesn’t mean that kids and adults alike can’t have Halloween fun – we just have to be smart about it!

We are here to help you stay sweet and clean – book us for a fogging service for your home if you want to have a small gathering or to welcome trick or treaters with a medical- grade level of clean candy.

NYC lovingly calls it "Coronaween" and has issued guidelines to having a safe season. A link to the full list is here, but some of the best highlights are below. Spoiler alert – no one will be bobbing for apples! Stay safe out there this season, and remember, The Fog City Girls are on the ready to prevent and disinfect our beloved NYC and Brooklyn!

  • Wear a face covering over any costume mask
  • FCG Tip: pick a costume that uses a face covering as part of the motif! Be a doctor, a cowboy, a masked bandit, or go as Andrew Cuomo!
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently when you are out trick or treating
  • For homes giving out candy – put individually wrapped pieces of candy in a bowl, with a hand sanitizing station next to it. That’ll ensure no germs hit the sweets!
  • FCG Tip: Hire US to be on watch and fog the treats in between treaters. You’ll be the COOLEST house on the block with the COVIDbusters on your porch!
  • Once you’re back and ready to go through your candy haul, wipe everything down – or better yet, let your stash sit for a few days untouched
(But, if you don’t have that kind of willpower..who does??... go to BonBon and stock up on candy to feast on at home while you wait for the rest to be safe.) Our favorite BonBon treat? Has to be the Pinky Skulls.


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