The Weekly Fog City Girls COVID Report

The Weekly Fog City Girls COVID Report

We've made it through Thanksgiving and not surprisingly COVID cases are surging again, particularly in the New York area. I guess it's no surprise, as this is usually cold and flu season anyway. And while there is a vaccine on the horizon, it is not going to spare us from this current surge. Here is a roundup of the week's recent COVID news, it's the season to be extra careful out there


A Huge Number of New COVID Cases Recorded in the US This Week

A Million New COVID Cases Recorded in Five Days via The Daily Mail


The Latest COVID Map & Case Count

Coronavirus in The US: Latest Map and Case Count via The New York Times


Even With a Vaccine On The Horizon it Won't Help With the Current Surge

Dr. Birx: COVID-19 Vaccine Won't Save Us from The Current Surge via The New York Post


New York State's Positivity Rate Climbs

State Positivity Rate Climbs as Cuomo Urges Vigilance via Gothamist


Frontline Workers Reluctant to Take The Vaccine Even as Cases Spike

55 Percent of NYC Firefighters Say They Won't Take The Vaccine via Newsweek


Can Science Save Us From Ourselves?

If The United States Were My Patient: Science Cannot Rescue Us From Ourselves via


What Santa Visits Look Like in a Pandemic

Santa Celebrations Around The World via ABC News


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