The Weekly Fog City Girls COVID Report

The Weekly Fog City Girls COVID Report

Every week, we're sharing with you the most important headlines and updates in COVID-19 news.  As your disinfection and prevention experts, we're rounding up the key facts to make it easier for you to understand what is happening in the world in outbreaks, government mitigation efforts, and how the pandemic is impacting our neighborhoods and our lives.  

This week's top news includes an infographic of How Long COVID-19 Lives On Surfaces (below), and at what temperatures (our favorite, as we treat surfaces like no one else can!), shrinking hospital capacity across the country, details on outdoor dining, and what to expect for the holidays.  

Speaking of the holidays - stay tuned for our new Party Pack that we are offering for Thanksgiving through the New Year.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has advised against large gatherings for the holidays, so we are here to help keep you all safe as you honor your family and friend traditions.

The US Reports Another Record Breaking Day in Coronavirus Cases:

The US Hits the 9-Million Mark as Infections Keep Surging via The New York Times


Virus Surge In Midwest Hospitals:

Midwest Hospitals Struggle to Handle Virus Surge via AP News


Hospitals Struggling With Capacity:

46 Percent Spike In COVID Cases via The New York Times


"Superspreader" Events Still Pose Risk: 

A Long Island Wedding and Birthday Party lead to 56 New Coronavirus Cases via The New York Post


Will COVID-19 Ever Be Under Control? White House Chief of Staff Says No

We won't Ever Get COVID-19 Completely Under Control  via The New York Post


How Safe Is "Outdoor Dining" Really: 

How COVID Safe is Dining in a Restaraunt's Outdoor Tent via The Wall Street Journal


In Person Voting & Safety: 

Tips for Staying Safe at The Polls During The Pandemic via CNN


As If The Holidays Aren't Complicated Enough:

How COVID is Complicating Our Holiday Plans via The New York Post 

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